"I love painting in pastel and feel strongly about doing whatever I can to help broaden awareness of the medium. I have been a member of the CONNECTICUT PASTEL SOCIETY since 1995 and have volunteered as an officer of the society since 1996, the following is borrowed from the CPS website and it communications the goals and objectives of the organization.."
Dick McEvoy

President 2002- 2008
Vice President 1996-2001
CPS Signature Member since 2000
CPS member since 1995

THE CONNECTICUT PASTEL SOCIETY. INC., was first established over 16 years ago by a group of pastel artists headed by Roy Schmid. They drew up a charter of their aims which include:

1. Function as a statewide organization which promotes and coordinates matters relating to the art of pastel painting and those artists practicing this medium.

2. To promote within the public domain an interest in pastel art through sponsorship of exhibits and activities concerned with pastel art.

3. To publish and otherwise disseminate information on pastel art through news media, brochures, monographs or other innovative means.

4. To become a repository of information concerned with historical and current data relating to the art of pastel painting, techniques and materials.
5. To encourage the expanded use of the pastel art form and techniques,
a) by working a dialogue with art museums, organizations, societies, schools and colleges having an art interest or an art curriculum
b) by promoting pastel art where this medium has not yet won proper recognition.

Surf at Popham Beach, ME Pastel, 23" x 29"
Private collection

Pastel, 18" x 24"
Private collection

Menemsha Bay, MV
Pastel, 33" x 44"
Private collection

Above: Selection of Paintings submitted to CPS shows

6. To expand artist participation in local, regional and national art exhibits oriented towards pastel art.

7. To promote the exhibit category of pastel art in all professional exhibits displaying mixed-media art works.

8. To promote all pertinent activities which are either directly or peripherally connected with all of the foregoing, but not for monetary profit or financial gain of individual members, directors or officers except as permitted under the law and as related to sound budgetary needs consistent with the operation of a well-run organization.

Dick at the Signature Members Show
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The Connecticut pastel society sponsors three shows each year:

A members Show, held at gallery 53 in Meriden, CT. Every CPS member is guaranteed at least one painting will be hung.

A National Juried show, the Renaissance of Pastel.
These shows often receive slide applications from half of the states in the US, and have had paintings accepted and exhibited from as for away as St. Petersburg, Russia.

A Signature show
An exhibition of the CPS Signature Group of artists who have been juried in by a panel of Master Pastelists.

(Background image: Dick McEvoy at the CPS members show)